Protection Plans

Debt Protection Plan

Harley-Davidson® Financial Services has you covered should you suddenly find yourself out of work. The Debt Protection Plan will cover your motorcycle loan payments in the event of involuntary unemployment due to illness or accident? on or off the job. It may even cancel your loan should your accident become fatal.

There are no extra bills to pay and the fee for this protection is based on your loan amount and may be added to your loan agreement. The plan is only available at the time of purchase and can be terminated at any time.

GAP Program

If your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is stolen and never recovered, chances are you'll have to pay the "gap" between your insurance company balance and the loan balance. Don't assume that your primary insurance will cover any loss related to your motorcycle. In reality, the actual cash value that an insurance company places on your bike may be substantially less than the outstanding balance on your loan. Who pays the difference or the "gap" between your insurance company and your loan payoff? You do!

The GAP Plan pays the difference between the fair market value of your vehicle and the outstanding balance of your loan on the date of loss up to $25,000.* Plus, your insurance deductible may be covered up to $1,000. With your loan balance paid in full and your deductible covered, you can move on to purchasing a new motorcycle.

**Contact Blacktop Harley-Davidson® for more details.